Skype + Firefox Lag Issues

Skype + Firefox Lag Issues

A few of my friends reported Firefox running a bit laggy, most of them had recently installed Skype. It seems the Skype addon for firefox is causing a bit of lag / trouble, while I’m not a developer and cant really say for sure its a memory leak, or what causes it, I do have a fix.

Im running:

Windows XP SP 2
Firefox Version 3.5.2

I have 3.25 GB of RAM (that Windows is reading), Q6600 Processor, so there really is no reason why running just firefox should lag up this much, or with a moderate amount of tabs (none using flash) open be eating up 1+ GB of RAM.

In short, I simply went to Tools > Add-Ons, and uninstalled the Skype add-on for firefox. Restart firefox, and now with 15 tabs open on 2 windows, I’m back to 181 MB of RAM being used. While this may not be the ideal solution to everyone, this did help restore what I’d consider a normal browsing experience with considerably less lag. If you continue to have issues please feel free to post a comment, and I’ll do my best to work one on one with you to resolve the issue.

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