Resistance points

Resistance points

C – Citigroup Inc. has serveral resistance points in the short term (60 day approx); 4.10ish as a bottom, in my opinion 4.10-4.15 as an entry point if your patient, 4.20+ if your not. A ceiling of $4.80 (modestly). Short interest appears to be up 52% from the last 15 days, that can be seen here.

Beacon Power Corp. is an interesting little stock, its main resistance point is around $0.67 for those of us that do consistent trades (and in some cases let automated trading take over). It has a pretty solid float between $0.67 and $0.70, however does spike above there at times.

Mesa Air Group, Inc. has 2 major resistance points. $0.205 and $0.24ish. While today’s after hours news came as quite a disappointment to some of us, this will just change up the resistance points a bit. The initial resistance point was for the late summer, subsequently after a small increase in its value, it went up a little bit.

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