Free Rapidshare Premium Downloads

Free Rapidshare Premium Downloads

I’m sure most of us like free stuff. So today I’m going to show you how to download those files off Rapidshare premium without having to pay. I’m probably not the first to publish something like this. This isn’t some unknown exploit or hack, its been out and uses Google. I also want to point out this works 50% of the time.

First things first, load up Google and look up [ “RapidLeech PlugMod rev. 41 by eqbal, updated by szalinski” +settings ] make sure its in quotes, (for those of you more experienced users, you will find other versions and ‘updates’ so you can look for even more).

In link to transload, put in the Rapidshare file your trying to download. Then click on transload file.

If you see this “Download-Ticket reserved.¬† Please wait 92 sec…” Its not hooked up to a Rapidshare premium account.

Be considerate, otherwise these sites disappear. These sites work great for downloading YouTube video and Megaupload if you reach your limit. If your bored you can explore the “server files” you may see something you like.

Other ways to search in Google (I suggest putting them in quotes):

RapidLeech PlugMod rev. 36 by eqbal
RL PlugMod rev. 38B by eqbal
Auto-Delete: 60 Minutes After Transload
“Auto-Delete: 30 minute¬† After Non-Access” +settings

Sites like post lists of theses services as well. Some come with limitations.

Now for the webmasters and admins, this can incur a hefty bandwidth bill or high load on your box. So say you want to protect from abuse there’s a few things you can do, in your robots.txt you can write a disallow rule, password the directory (htpasswd generator), security through obscurity; name the directory like rl28904718472 and hope no one finds it.

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