Getting MatrixGL as the wallpaper on Crunchbang

Getting MatrixGL as the wallpaper on Crunchbang

Some of you may think having a livewallpaper is distracting, some of you may actually enjoy it! Recently I downloaded a copy of CrunchBang and put it on my *nix box. I noticed not all of the wallpapers listed were avaiable, however it is an easy fix!

sudo apt-get install xscreensaver-gl-extra

The above command will download a bunch of extra screensavers. Its about 11MB.

The next step is getting xwinwrap, I got it from: – The source is available here:

I went ahead and used the .deb package, to get that installed run:

sudo dpkg -i .deb

Once installed you are almost there! The last step is to run:

sudo xwinwrap -ni -argb -s -st -sp -nf -o -0.6 -- /usr/lib/xscreensaver/glmatrix -root -delay 22556 -density 81 -speed 4.9707 -window-id WID

Now lets say you dont know your window ID, you run “xwininfo” in the terminal, click on the window and it will give you the information. Another situation, lets say its too dense, too fast etc, to get the delay, density, speed settings; right cick on the desktop go to settings > screensaver > settings, from here tweak and preview it, then go to advanced and change the command line accordingly. Hope this helps!

MatrixGL Wallpaper on Crunchbang
MatrixGL Wallpaper on Crunchbang

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