Changing Management IP on Cisco UCS

Changing Management IP on Cisco UCS

I normally stick to servers but in dealing with Cisco UCS Chassis I have found myself in a position to where I have to learn more and more on the network side as the line seems to be getting blurred with some of the devices attached. This is a good thing for me as I can make more gradual steps to learn more. I found myself in a position where I had to change the UCS virtual IP address, here are the steps I went through. These are very well documented on the Cisco site here.

scope fabric-interconnect a
set out-of-band ip netmask gw
scope fabric-interconnect b
set out-of-band ip netmask gw
scope system
set virtual-ip
commit-buffer verify-only

The above steps will apply everything to change the IP addresses. Replace the IP’s with your own, the only thing I didn’t like on the Cisco page was it didnt mention how to verify it and make sure everything was good. Several other pages I found had the command “commit-buffer verify-only”. While the operation is very simple, I am one that always like to verify before I apply a change where possible.

Finally once you are ready, run the command below to commit the changes.


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