DUST ScaleTrader Results

DUST ScaleTrader Results

Today I am sharing the results of the ScaleTrader post I made earlier this week. DUST is a relatively volatile stock so it was a good candidate to try it out on. I crossed out two trades in the report that were done manually and were not done by ScaleTrader. These equate to an adjustment of -496.55 off of the total realized P/L, so the actual realized for ScaleTrader alone is 592.94 on DUST. Not bad for two full trading days. Fridays results were not available yet, but two more lots were closed out, with three left open. Once these are I will replace the results to reflect that.

DUST Trades

Edit 9/21/16: ScaleTrader continues to chug along nicely, here is a screenshot from my phone. 11 lots closed, 2 open as it continues to float around the same range.

DUST ScaleTrader Progress

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