Lending Club – 9 Months Later

Lending Club – 9 Months Later

9 Months ago I decided to give Lending Club a try to see what it could return for me on money I had sitting idle. This is no way to get rich overnight, but if you have some capital laying around it’s a decent place to put it. On average my return shows between 6-8% I have been relatively satisfied with the results so far. I started with an initial $5000, and moved more capital over to increase my return on idle funds. Below is a screenshot showing how things look 9 months later:

6.32% Return - Lending Club
6.32% Return – Lending Club

I have automated investing turned on, some people want to manage their loans much more actively, I did not. My objective was to find something that I could put money into and let is grow gradually. You will probably notice the “Adjustment for Past-Due Notes”, be reminded that people do default on loans and there is always a risk of losing money. In general people have been good at repaying their loans, but things do happen. So far I have had 4 notes charged off, at the current pace I expect 5-6 per year. This however is where diversity is good, not all of your investments will be lucrative and not all will be a loss, with a mixture of notes you can increase your returns. I only invest one note of $25 per loan through automated investing. If you are interested in giving it a try, click here. I do get a $50 referral credit 😊!

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